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This website presents a new and unique ebook dedicated to patellofemoral syndrome.



Gravatar 002In this book I share, with a therapeutic goal, all the current knowledge about patellofemoral syndrome. The author, an athlete directly affected by patellofemoral syndrome, has met with renowned knee specialists – a sports doctor, rheumatologist, orthopedic surgeon and traumatology-sports massage therapist – and other health professionals, to collect together and make accessible in one ebook all of the current knowledge about this pathology.

This comprehensive book, with illustrations and testimonials, will bring you clear and accurate information about patellofemoral syndrome in order to improve understanding and treatment of this condition: from the origins of the pathology to its treatment, through the anatomy of the knee, medical examinations, diagnoses, lifestyle, the psychological aspect, prevention and other tips and hints, so as to be able to combine sports and patellofemoral syndrome in the best possible way.

With this ebook, and with the participation of health practitioners, you will have all you need to enable you to take charge of your patellofemoral syndrome, guide you on the road to recovery, eliminate your knee pain, and above all, avoid making the same mistakes I made!


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A very good ebook where the patient becomes a central actor in his/her own recovery.
A useful tool to optimize the healing of patellofemoral syndrome.

Abdou Sbihi, orthopedic and trauma surgeon

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